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Our Vision

To grow to be the trusted successful leading black owned media company in Eastern Cape and South Africa to be the first Afro centred black owned company to start a successful online media development website.

Our Mission

To be a multimedia and training company that strives for honesty, excellence and provides low cost, quality, professional solutions for all our clients. Our focus is going to be on what people Hear, See and Dream.

Our Responsibility

To reach out to the community and share the knowledge and lessons that we have learnt, thereby developing a secure competency, through reflecting unchanging principles of ubuntu.

Meet The Team

Gary Ndlovu -
Founder / Engineer / CEO

A solution oriented visionary, steering the company towards providing personalized client specific products and services. With over 11 years of experience in Multimedia, Events Planning and scripting and a qualified Audio Engineer, be rest assured we take your Dream and make you a Believer, Multimedia Worx, Dream See Hear Believe

Gaylord Ndlovu -

Certified ICT specialist with vast years in marketing, project management, and multimedia design. Experienced in portfolio management, copywriting, editing, SEO services, photography and information system design. He just thrives on excellence.

Godwin Ndlovu -
Graphic and Web Designer

With 3 years experience at designing and developing websites. Godwin is one of those rare to find, highly enthusiatic and energetic creative people who takes his time to give everything he touches a unique feel and taste.

Get Ahold of Us

2 Marine Mansions,
34 Clifford St,
East London Quigney, South Africa
Contact Gary Ndlovu
Mobile: +27 833525290
5384 Luveve (4),
Contact Godwin Ndlovu
Mobile:+263 777674477
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